Dog Hollow are passionate about what they do; the support and love we and our dogs have received from them over the years is priceless.
— Joanna & Charlie
Thank you Dog Hollow for all the training you have given Luna, and us too!
— Sadiq Khan
The best puppy training experience we could have asked for!
— Henry & Huxley
Nicky, you are an Oracle! Everything you say and how you say it resonates with me and is new, not the old school teaching I find online. You have created a very special spaniel
— Katy & Sunshine
So happy I contacted Dog Hollow! Alison has offered brilliant advice and solutions for my Norfolk’s behaviour issues. I would recommend Team Dog Hollow to all dog owners looking to improve their relationship with their dog!
— Ally Hogan
I have loved attending puppy classes with my Bulldog x Staffy. Not only has he learnt a hell of a lot, but I too will leave with a lot more confidence in training and caring for him!
— Danielle & Rubble
Sophi has trained, walked, cared for, loved and boarded each of my three Border Terriers over the last twenty years. Now she has added grooming to her repertoire, my current Border, Effie, is better groomed than ever before in her life. A remarkable trainer, Sophi has a precise intelligence and a great capacity for empathy; she has given me and my animals a most happy life.
— Carmen Callil



The Dog Hollow Manifesto - Thirty years on


Dog Hollow's 30th birthday has arrived, so we were delighted to find this flyer

from yesteryear, and to see that our philosophy has remained well and truly intact!

Dog Hollow was established as a behaviour and training consultancy in 1989,

and has therefore, a long standing reputation for excellence across the Capital.

Now in 2019 our exceptional, highly qualified team continue to provide

clients with an outstanding service based on both academic and experiential

knowledge, and keeping canine welfare as our guiding value.


As long as there are people who love and want the best for their dogs,

there will always be a demand for Dog Hollow.






445A7424 (1).jpg

The Team 2019


PUPPY SCHOOL CHELSEA Ages 9 - 24 weeks


A Tribute

By Sophi

One of my earliest memories of Keith was meeting him outside Kynance, dressed in a suit and in a bit of a rush. “I didn’t know you did home visits?” I said, noticing the bag he carried, “I’m off to check on Elisabeth Taylor’s dog, she has a yacht moored up the river” he replied as if it were a normal thing to do. As he walked off, I stood gob-smacked in the pebbled mews in awe of my vet. As a young impressionable new behaviour consultant, being taken under the wing of John Perry the then owner of Dog Hollow and being introduced to the legendary Dr Keith Butt was like being given the keys to some magical kingdom. Over more than 20 years, the friendship and support he gave me was unwavering and I never lost that sense of awe being around him.

Keith Butt held council in Kynance Mews for over 50 years having first set up the clinic in 1963. In those days it wasn’t unusual for him to see the elite with their big cats bought at Harrods or the odd monkey or two. I remember telling him that I had met John Rendall of Christian the Lion fame and he distractedly replied “oh yes, I remember him well. They bought that cat in a few times. Nice chaps”.  I think he was probably emptying Scout’s anal sacs at the time, he was the only one she would let do it. For half a century plus, Keith’s name was synonymous with Kensington and Chelsea’s pets and he loved every one of them. He had an uncanny gift for remembering every animal and its owner by name and ailment. Many of the Kynance clients have been loyal for as long as the surgery has been there, a testament to the man who started it all.

He always had time for me. From persuading me not to give up when university got tough to supporting me when my late business partner died and left me a Dog Hollow riddled in debt. From pulling me out of a deep depression when my beloved Macgyver died to making me laugh with his dead pan jokes, he was always there as friend, a confidante and an advisor. Oh, and he was a brilliant vet too. The only time he and I ever fell out is when, in his words, I nicked his best veterinary nurse Alison. He didn’t speak to me for a week. Not long after that, I had to ask him to put my German Shepherd, Scout to sleep after losing the fight against cancer. I commented afterwards about the tears in his eyes and he told me he had tears for every pet he had to let go. His compassion spread to humans too and I leant on his shoulder more than once after Tony died.

Keith moved into the Royal Trinity Hospice once he and Serena realised that he would be more comfortable there and I, like so many of his friends, visited regularly. And our dogs. I think even a cat went once too. He was so proud when he received a lifetime achievement award and medal from The Dogs Trust who he had championed for many years. The hospice staff were simply amazing and often stopped to stroke the various canines that walked through the doors. One nurse asked me why so many dogs visited and I told her Keith was a vet. “He must be a very good vet” she said. He was the best.

And so, thank you Dr Keith Martin Butt VetMB MA(Cantab) MRCVS of 8 Kynance Mews SW7 4QP. Thank you from all the dogs both past and present for your compassion and knowledge. Thank you from all of us at Dog Hollow for your guidance and support through the years. And thank you from me for being my mentor and friend.

Love you always xx


In memory of Keith Butt 6th May 1936 – 4th April 2019






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Nobody wants to lose a friend to cancer. MacGyver was a one in a million.

Here at Dog Hollow we are proud to support CamVet; a small charity dedicated to raising 

funds for the Queen's Veterinary College in Cambridge, providing essential equipment and

enabling ongoing research into canine cancer. 

Help us and them to find a cure by joining our fundraising events, or by making a donation

via our Just Giving Page. 

Thank you so much

Sophi, Alison & Nicky