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Behaviour & Training in Central London


We have helped many clients over the years with a wide range of behavioural problems including:


Aggressive behaviour towards other dogs, or people

High arousal / over excitability

Fears and phobias

Separation related disorders

House soiling

Excessive barking

Chasing behaviours

Mouthing / biting

General poor obedience including:

Jumping up, pulling on lead, unreliable recall


Every client and dog are individual, therefore, we firmly believe that a "one size fits all" approach is usually not effective

in reducing or eliminating unwanted behaviours. It is important that we understand the individual

and provide a behaviour plan which is realistic and easily achievable, simplifying the situation and removing the pressure.


A behaviour plan consists of an initial consultation at your home, usually lasting around two hours,

enabling us to ask and also answer many questions and to demonstrate some practical strategies to get you started straight away.

In some cases we may want to witness the behaviour/s in question, and in others, not.


The consultation may then be followed up with a written report; a summary of everything we have discussed and step-by-step instructions

for the training strategies required, and a copy sent to your vet if you have been referred. Often one or two follow up sessions are then provided.

Reports are as per the APBC (Nicky) and COAPE (Alison) guidelines and codes of practice.

The consultation and report fee is £180, follow up visits are £80.


Please get in touch to discuss your requirements further and book your consultation, we work both with or without veterinary referral.



One-to-one Obedience Training in Central London


Dog Hollow offers private, one-to-one training at your home and in the London parks for dogs of all ages.

Some clients may have attended our puppy school, and wish to continue with private training into tricky adolescence,

and others may want to work on specific behaviours, or basic obedience skills, and strengthening the owner-dog bond.


We are very happy to discuss your individual requirements, so please get in touch.