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Puppy Training in Central London

We know that early socialisation, habituation, and training, provide the foundations for a bright future.

London puppies are expected to absorb an overwhelming amount of environmental sounds, sights, and smells, therefore,

the sooner they can be exposed to such, the better they will adjust, and thrive as adult city dogs.


Our socialisation and early learning courses, and our private home consultations, provide you with all the

information and confidence you will need to raise your London puppy.

As members of several organisations including the APBC, APDT, and the Pet Professional Guild,

the advice and training methods we use are scientifically sound, force-free, reward based,

and fun, resulting in pleasurable and effective learning experiences for both puppy and owner.


We have helped many of our clients' puppies grow and develop into well behaved and sociable adult dogs,

and pride ourselves in being there to support our clients throughout their dogs' lives.


Puppy School Chelsea

Ages 9 - 24 weeks


Our somewhat legendary puppy early learning and socialisation courses remain as popular as ever. Held in the heart of Chelsea,

classes run for six consecutive weeks, and enable you and your puppy to meet and socialise with other puppies,

people & children, and learn basic obedience skills, including:

Sit, lie down, walk on a loose lead, stay, leave it, go to bed, and come when called.


In addition, talks throughout the course provide a wealth of information about raising your London puppy. Topics covered include:

Understanding & interacting with your puppy, how puppies learn, house training, diet & health, exercise, toys & play, and preventing behaviour problems.

Requirements for class: Ordinary collar or harness, normal length flat lead, good quality dog treats, and a blanket / bed for your puppy to settle on.


Home Puppy Consultations & Private Training in Central London

Ages up to 24 weeks


Dog Hollow offers home consultations either just before or after your puppy arrives, to provide advice and guidance

on the best way to fit your new addition into your lifestyle.

Designed to give you a "head start", our clients, especially first time puppy parents, have found this service to be invaluable,

and particularly helpful for toilet training, puppy biting, preventing behaviour problems,

and providing the puppy with an enriched and encouraging environment. Consultations last up to 1.5 hours, priced £120, please get in touch to book.


You may then decide to join our Puppy School Chelsea, or we can provide private home training if you cannot make it to class or need more flexibility.

We provide the exact same training and information given in puppy class,

at a time that is convenient for you, at your home, and condensed into two or three further hour-long sessions, priced £60 per session*.

*Please note:

We do not offer residential / board and train programs.

We require the owner of the puppy to be present during a consultation as we are not able to consult with household staff.

For follow up puppy training sessions, if an owner cannot be present, a household staff member who is responsible for the puppy

on a daily basis must be present and able to demonstrate what was taught to the owner and continue the protocols between sessions.


Puppy School Chelsea Gallery

Photography by Adrienne Hammill